April News

We hope you all had a great Easter holidays. We have been very impressed with how well the children have returned to school following a long holiday.  At this time of year thoughts always turn to transition arrangements for the next year group or phase of education. We are very happy to answer any questions about transition, although all the details are not currently finalised.  For all year 6 leavers, the class teachers and sendco will meet with the transition team and sendco from the school they will be attending in September. There will be a thorough handover of all key documentation and any additional needs will be discussed in detail.  For the Reception intake we will be visiting the pre- school settings to meet the children and talk to the leaders. We will work closely with parents to ensure there is a smooth transition for the children with enhanced transition visits.  Internally, we will be able to hold two transition days this year. During this time the children will move to t

February News

We were very proud of our wonderful children last week when we had our special visitors in school. They were kind, considerate and a credit to us and the school. Thank you to those of you that took the time to share your views on parent view.  We are hoping that as restrictions ease we will be able to host another parent cafe in school. We were very pleased with the feedback and the response to the first cafe and are keen to welcome you back into school. More details to follow.  We would appreciate your views on the SEND provision in school. Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. Thank you. Family voice Unfortunately, uncertainty around Covid has meant that we can’t offer our Conference this year, but we know how valuable parent carers found the chance to meet professionals face to face and have their questions answered.  Please visi

January News

We have had a successful start to term and we have been very proud of the way that the children have transitioned back after the holidays.  We have recently had some questions regarding our Nurture provision. We are lucky to have a wonderful Nurture team led by experienced practitioners.  In our school Nurture is used as an umbrella term. Within the Nurture team a variety of different interventions are run from Zones of Regulation to Lego Therapy. The team work with children individually and in small groups. They also work with children to help them manage their worries and anger. We are led by the needs of the children at the time.  The children attending nurture are identified by the class teacher and following a conversation with the Sendco we contact parents regarding the suggested provision. The sessions are usually held once a week.  If your child is experiencing overwhelming anxiety that is only presenting outside of school, then Just One Norfolk have some useful resources on th

November News

Thank you to those of you made appointments with the class teachers to discuss your child's progress at the recent parents' evening. If you would like to discuss your child's SEN provision in more detail, I always offer longer 20 minute appointments to facilitate this. It was lovely to discuss the successes and achievements of the children during these meetings as well as discussing the future.  Please complete the parent section of the One Page Profiles and return them to school. If you don't have any changes to add to previous comments, please let us know and we will copy them across. We are keen to work with you and we value your contributions.  The school have recently been contacted by Speech and Language Therapy Services. As you may be aware there have been long delays once children have been referred and the service is under a new provider. To evaluate their waiting lists and prioritise support a zoom meeting has been set with the school. Letters and questionnair

October News

What a fantastic half term we have had with some wonderful learning. It has been lovely to see the children settle back into school and build relationships with their new teachers and support staff.  Unfortunately we have had to cancel our upcoming parents' evenings. However, appointments will be rescheduled after half term. I will be holding SEND parent meetings which can be booked through the school office. It is always advisable to have had the meeting with the class teacher prior to making an appointment with myself. Your child's One Page Profile and Holistic Action Plans have been updated and will be given out at parent meetings.  Norfolk SEND are expanding the way they communicate across social media platforms. Follow them on Facebook @ send norfolk or on twitter @ send_offer Please be aware there is a new local offer page which has been redesigned. The advice and support section is designed for parents/ carers and contains a lot of useful information. Advice and support

September News- Welcome back!

 It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school this term. Thank you for your supporting the children to come onto the site independently. There are always adults at every gate that are keen to assist you should your child need support.  It was lovely to see so many SEND children visiting the school during the afternoon of 2nd September. We hope the children enjoyed the opportunity to meet their new teachers and see the classroom set up without the other children around. We enjoyed welcoming parents in again for these visits. For families awaiting speech and language assessments, please be aware of the following updates: Norfolk & Waveney Children’s SaLT transferred to Cambridgeshire Community Services on 2nd August making closer working with Health Visitors, School Nurses and other Healthy Child Programme professionals much easier. The service is being redesigned to better meet the needs for all children and young people in Norfolk and Waveney . They will update you dir

June News

We hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather. At this time of year children and adults begin to look ahead to September. This blog will focus on transition plans.  For our children children with SEND the following arrangements have been made: On the 7th, 8th, 9th July we will be having 3 internal transition days. The children will move up to their new classes and spend time with their new teachers and teaching assistants. High school transitions will take place during the same days.  In September if appropriate your child will be invited to visit the school on one of our INSET days. This will give them an opportunity to see the classroom set up without the other children around. Please be aware that this is not for all children identified with SEND, but just those that struggle with transitions. The class teacher will contact you if they feel this is appropriate.  For the first few weeks of term there will be a focus on building relationships and establishing new routines in the new