April News

 We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter and managed to enjoy the sunshine.  Thank you to those of you that signed up for a SEND parent consultation slot. There were some very useful discussions regarding SEND provision for your children.  If you haven't done so already, please make sure you complete the parent section of your child's One Page Profile and return it to school asap. We really value your comments and input, especially after lockdown.  Since Easter we have been pleased we welcome a dance therapist into school. She is working with small groups of children in years 2,3 and 4. This group is not necessarily for children with SEND, but it aims to promote emotional development and boost the confidence of the children involved.  As you may have noticed from the newsletter ASD Helping Hands has recently updated their website. They are a good source of advice and they have some updated resources you may find helpful.  As we begin the summer term children and parents begi

March News

 It has been lovely to see all the children back in school enjoying time with their friends. Thank you for your support in ensuring that the transition back to school went smoothly.  The children have been enjoying the recovery curriculum designed to support children's mental and emotional wellbeing following the turbulence of the last year. Classes have been sharing stories, discussing mental health and the teachers have prioritised spending time with the children to discuss any concerns and rebuild relationships.  Due to the current pandemic and school reopening there have been some very good resources released to support families to manage stress and promote wellbeing at this time. In order to ensure you can access them we will continue to highlight them on the weekly newsletter rather than wait for this monthly blog.  If your child is struggling with anxiety there are some very good websites that may help you open the discussion. Just One Norfolk- Anxiety Barnardos- resources t

February News- Lockdown continues

Last week children in school and at home enjoyed engaging in activities to mark children's mental health week. This year's theme was 'express yourself'. We hope you enjoyed engaging in activities with your children and we hope they were able to explore new ways to express themselves.  We hope you all took advantage of the snow this week for a welcome break from screens to enjoy the outdoors. I'm sure there were lots of very excited children.  The teachers and teaching assistants have been working hard to establish remote interventions to enhance and support the children that are unable to return to school. If you are contacted by a member of staff and offered an intervention please take up the offer as they have been designed to address gaps in your child's learning.  If your child is able to please encourage them to join the morning remote check- ins with their teacher. It is a good way to keep regular contact and an opportunity for them to see some familiar fa

January News- National Lockdown

I hope you all had a good Christmas period.  After one day back at school we now find ourselves in an all too familiar situation of a National Lockdown. For some children the next few weeks will prove very challenging and I would like to use this blog post to signpost you to some online wellbeing support.  Just One Norfolk- This website has a good Covid support section with links to support for adults and children Childline- Childline have put together a coping kit for children that provides activities to do if you are feeling overwhelmed. Please find below useful links to websites offering wellbeing and emotional support.  I will keep updating this blog as more useful resources arrive. If you need support or advice please email

November News

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Please see below an invitation to discuss Dental Services for young people with SEND: Thank you to those of you that took the time to complete the SEND parent questionnaire. It has now closed and following the feedback you have given there have been a few common threads that I would like to address: Communication with staff Normally we would be happy to hold meetings with parents to discuss any concerns or issues. Although we can't currently invite you into school if you have a specific question or query please email or phone the school office who will ensure the message reaches the class teacher(s). Please always contact the class teacher before the SENDCO as they are often best placed to answer your queries. One Page Profiles and Holistic Action Plans These have been shared with you via email and we would appreciate your comments in the family section. If you need to discuss these documents please contact the class teachers via the

October News

The children are continuing to adapt positively to being back in school, and as we near the end of the first half term I'm sure they are all looking forward to a well deserved rest. Thank you to those of you that signed up for a zoom SENDCO meeting, it was very useful to discuss your child's needs and how they have changed during lockdown. I will be offering these at the next parent consultation evenings in the spring term. Please do not feel that you have to sign up, but only do so if you need to discuss your child's needs. For the next meeting it would be useful if you could have already had a meeting with the class teachers as they may be able to answer some of your queries.  Although the children have already returned to school if your child is struggling to separate, or to adapt to the changes in school there are some useful resources available at: The Just One Norfolk website also has a lot of useful information on po

Welcome back!

Welcome back to all of our pupils with SEND, we hope you have all had a good summer. It has been lovely to see the children return to school this week and we have all been impressed with the resilience they have shown in adapting to the new rules and routines in school.  For those of you with children that were invited into school on the inset days for a transition visit; thank you for your support. Under normal circumstances would would have enjoyed welcoming you and your children together, but it was fantastic to see how the children entered the building independently. We hope that it helped to reduce the anxiety for some when they came into school on Monday.  We all understand that for some children the lockdown period has caused some changes in behaviour. Please rest assured that as a school we have made the wellbeing of the children our main focus for the first few weeks and the academic work will resume slowly. The children are being given a lot of opportunities to explore their